About Me

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and having been born and brought up in the countryside, have always had a passion for animals and wildlife.

I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an Honours Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design and it was always inevitable that I would want to specialise in drawing and painting animals.


I produce highly detailed and lifelike Animal Portraits in watercolour or pencil. I can work from your photographs, but if possible, I like to sketch the animal from life and take my own photographs. This helps me to get to know the character of the animal and convey some of their personality in the portrait, which I think is important.

If you would like to know more about commissioning a Portrait, please contact me: info@joanlpunteney.com


I have always drawn one-off Cartoons for friends and family on special occasions. I drew a Happy Birthday Badger Card for my daughter, which she pinned on her desk at work and everyone admired it. So I decided to produce a whole range of these cards using different animals and greetings. I hope they make you smile!


I have lived all my life in Scotland and love the unique character of the countryside, the wildlife and the people. I am particularly fond of the old Scottish words and phrases that were once everyday words and not heard so often now.

When I got my Westie, who is called Maisie, I was reminded of these old Scottish words. She is such a character and I always think if she could talk these are the words she would use.  She is also the reason I have such a lot of Westie Dog designs!

I have produced my Scottish Words Cards, Prints and Tea Towels based on these words and phrases and incorporating some iconic Scottish animals. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them!